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Our one-stop service centre provides a wide range of premium medical services. We understand the importance of quality healthcare and we aim to ensure that the healthcare services we provide will give our patients a world-class experience.

For the people, By the people.

About Curasia

Curasia Endoscopy Centre is a healthcare centre that provides health services to the general public including endoscopy, health screenings and specialised consultations. We have state of the art day surgery facilities in order to provide a one-stop service for our patients.
We pride ourselves on delivering the best service possible to ensure that all our patients have a fruitful and enjoyable experience.

Services Offered at Our Specialized Endoscopy Centre

Examination of the Stomach


Gastroscopy, or an upper GI endoscopy, can help detect multiple serious health conditions that may be overlooked as abdominal pain.

Examination of the Large Intestine


A colonoscopy is a procedure to look inside your colon and examine its lining. Gastroenterologists are the specialists that perform the colonoscopy.

Comprehensive Body Check-Up

Health Screening

A full body medical assessment inclusive of your renal function, lipid, liver, hepatitis and thyroid profile, and tumour markers can help to detect any anomalies early.

Customised to your own Preferences

Personal Concierge

A personal concierge helps to arrange your travel arrangements during your visit to Singapore to ensure that you have a pleasant and enjoyable time experiencing all that Singapore has to offer in addition to our quality health services.

Meet Our Specialist

Dr Dennis Koh

Clinical Governance Officer



Dr Dennis Koh graduated from University of Nottingham, United Kingdom with a Bachelor in Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery (MBBS) as well as a Bachelor in Medical Science. He then furthered his medical education and embarked on his surgical training in Singapore. He obtained his Master of Medicine in Surgery from National University of Singapore in 2005.

Introducing Curasia Endoscopy Centre

Our host, Jerald Foo, will be taking you to our first centre at Jurong East.

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